Friday, May 4, 2012

Nancy Drew

Download here!

The classic teen girl sleuth is now available in Sim form! But she isn't a teen anymore; she's a young adult ready to make her lifetime wish of being a pervasive private eye come true. Nancy is a very perceptive detective who has solved many cases and put several criminals behind bars. She's a perfectionist who never leaves a case unsolved, and she's rarely without her beloved blue Roadster. Based on the classic edition. All outfits based on the classic book covers.

I tried to do a combination of the modern and classic Nancy Drew, and I did some research to find out her favorites, birthday, etc. I've always been a big Nancy Drew fan and I own all the PC games to date. I thought it would be fitting to upload her to add to my characters. :D The backdrop pictures are based on one of the computer games of her house and of course there's her blue Roadster!

Adventurous (always being sent to various places!)
Good (of course!)
Perceptive (obviously)
Perfectionist (she never leaves a case unsolved!)
Vehicle Enthusiast (she loves her blue Roadster!)

Food: Autumn Salad (technically it's apples but that isn't available in the game lol)
Music: Classic
Color: Blue

Sign: Taurus (birthday is April 28)
Lifetime Wish: Pervasive Private Eye


Everyday (first book inspiration):

Formal (80th anniversary outfit inspiration):


Athletic (profile pic inspiration):




  1. Try making a house inspired by Nancy's house!

    1. I've actually thought of doing that since we've seen more of her house in the games now! I love the yellows. I'll have to figure out how to do the sloped ceiling trick that I've seen other creators do too. :D

  2. I love her! now I have fast lane stuff but not master suite if I download that sim would it cause problems or would it be OK?

    1. Thank you very much! I'm glad you like her! :) It won't cause problems if you download her; any items you don't have will be replaced by core game items, but it won't hurt her at all. :) The only Master Suite item on her is her nightgown, and I kind of just put that there randomly because I've never seen her in pj's. :D So you could probably put whatever you wanted on her where that is concerned. :) Thanks again!