Whitney Cross

Whitney Cross was originally made for the two-trait Sim challenge over at The Simmers' Society. I've grown to love her so much that I've got a story for her now as well as her family and their house, her apartment/penthouse, and her friends and their houses. They'll all be available for download as her story progresses. In time, I may even post lyrics to her songs here. Everything you need to know about Whitney is right here!

Whitney Cross is originally from Riverview, but she has her heart set on becoming a country music. After moving to the city of Bridgeport, she faces all kinds of new people, challenges, relationships, and tests. Will her dreams come true, or will she be left in the dust?

Veranda Villas (Whitney's penthouse, current version)

Veranda Villas (Whitney's penthouse, vampire version)

River View (Cross family home)

Crescent Bay Plaza (Darcy's apartment)

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