Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Haunting


Halloween is approaching! As a result, I was determined to make a new and improved haunted house from last year's. This one still has a rustic, abandoned vibe to it, but not like last year's where it looked like absolutely everything was faded and the same color. This haunted house has multiple colors that look like they're faded, and the house appears to have been abandoned for many years. It has a Victorian structure and features 5 bedrooms (master, guest/teen, boy, girl, nursery), 2 bathrooms, balcony/den upstairs, library/study, living room, kitchen, dining room, play area for the kids, and even a masoleum. Somewhere on the lot, there's a hidden lab where accidents are rumored to happen. The lab also has three separate locked rooms - a vampire lair, witch chamber, and mummy tomb, where victims were turned into creatures against their will or even brought back to life. Who knows what secrets this house hides? Enjoy!


To see more pictures, go here!


  1. Oooh, I love the look of this! Very creepy! o___o

    Also, love the theme you have going on with your site right now! Very fitting. :D

  2. Love it!! This will be perfect for my ~secret plans~...*evil cackle* will still work if I don't have the stuff/store content, right? I'm fine with the game replacing the content with yucky default furniture; I can just fix it later. :)

  3. Thank you so much Kaleeko! I'm glad you like it! I was excited about it! :)

    Hi cheezy! Thank you for checking out my site! Yep, the house will still work, just store content you don't own will be replaced. :) But you can still download and install it.

    The Exchange is being mean, only people that check this site and TSS know this house exists, so when it gets fixed, I will reupload the house and update the link. :)