Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chapter 13 - Consumed

NOTE: This story has a rating of PG-13. It is intended for a mature audience, as it contains strong references to things such as woohoo, crime, violence, language, etc. You have been warned!

It took another three nights, but Whitney managed to find Jordan at Plasma 501 again. She'd also been able to find out that the vampire lounge had an underground area where vampires went to slumber by hovering above coffins. Creepy, but effective.

It was on this third night that Whitney approached Jordan at the bar once again. She had a plan in mind, and she was more determined than ever to make it work.

Whitney sat down next to Jordan at the bar and ordered a Falling Forever drink for each of them. Rumor had it that this drink would put anyone in a romantic mood (not that Jordan needed it). Jordan looked at her in shock, wondering why in the world she was there. She was careful not to show her own thoughts.

"I never paid for your drink at our last meeting," she explained with a smile, showing her pointy teeth. "Sorry about that."

"You here to threaten me again?"

"No, actually, I'm here to thank you."

Jordan raised an eyebrow as the mixologist placed the drinks in front of them. Whitney forked over the money, and she even got a discount for being a celebrity.

"What did you want to thank me for?" Jordan asked as he took a drink.

"For what you did to Riley. You left your scent on him, so I know you did it."

"And why are you thanking me? I just did it to show you that you should be going with me. You should have been my girl from day one."

"Yeah, well, I'm glad you took him away from me. I need someone less tame. Like you."

Jordan grinned. "Glad you realized it, babe."

"In fact..." Whitney said with another smile, "I think this drink is starting to take effect on me already. What do you say? Shall we check out the basement?"


"Yeah, I think it's appropriate. It's perfect for vampires, plus, I think this time should be better than it was last time."

Jordan finished his drink in one gulp. "Let's go."

Thankfully, Jordan didn't notice that Whitney hadn't touched her drink. The two got into the elevator and rode it down to the basement level.

Jordan had a hard time containing his own thoughts as they rode down to the basement, and an even harder time keeping his hands to himself. When they finally reached the basement, Whitney's anticipation grew.

The basement was dark and eerie, just like a vampire's sleeping area should be. She found the door that led to the odd-looking coffins and led Jordan inside.

"This place is a little...rough," he said, looking around.

"Just like you."

Jordan grinned seductively, his eyes filled with desire. He ran to Whitney and pressed his mouth hard against hers.

Whitney didn't enjoy the kiss,  but if her plan was going to work, she'd have to at least somewhat consent. When it ended, she said, "You're a good kisser. Too bad you didn't give me a chance to enjoy it last time."

"Well, maybe we can start over."

Whitney smiled and put her hands around Jordan's head. "First, I should tell you something."

"What's that?"

Whitney smiled even bigger before tightening her grip on Jordan's skull. "You're a gullible flirt who thinks too much about woo. This time, it's me that's getting revenge. For what you did to me, turned me into, getting me pregnant, and killing Riley. Rest in pieces."

And Whitney used her newfound strength, both out of anger and being a vampire, to snap the off-guard Jordan's neck, twisting it off his body. His torso fell to the floor, and she stood over it, feeling free.

She'd avenged herself as well as Riley. She'd worn gloves so she didn't leave fingerprints behind, and spraying perfume masked her scent. Satisfied, she left.


A new page had been turned over for Whitney, but some more changes had to be made. She'd known that calling the police would only make herself look guilty, since Riley had obviously been killed by a vampire. So she'd taken steps to hide his body in the river and clean up the apartment. Unfortunately, she wouldn't be able to stay there any longer due to the pain she felt. But she couldn't go back and live with Darcy, either, since her former roommate was terrified of her. That left one option - she had to move out and start somewhere new.

She still had her eye on a penthouse not far from Riley's apartment, and now that she had enough money, she'd be able to pay for it. So she bought it and left Riley's place, leaving the landlord to make the decision as to who would move into it next.

Whitney's penthouse was decorated in both dark and bright tones, which seemed to match her current state. It was almost as though she was being consumed by the darkness. Her original plan was to get her revenge on Jordan, than save up enough money to buy this penthouse and then get the cure for vampirism. But she was starting to enjoy being a vampire. The ability to read minds came in handy, and she loved the ability to move extra fast and have "super powers" at night. Plus, her ratings were higher than ever.

By this time, Whitney was a four-star celebrity, and fans went crazy for her. She finally got her second album released, and it was a little more sinister than her previous one. She also got a "darker" wardrobe to match her new personality. She spent her spare time writing up even more songs and got herself yet another new guitar.

There was another thing that was consuming Whitney, both her soul and her time - her pregnancy. She was about three months along now, and though she wasn't showing, she knew she would be before long. She was surprised the press hadn't picked up on her morning sickness and crazy eating habits yet.

Whitney wasn't in favor of taking a human life, and yet she'd done just that with Jordan (though technically he wasn't human). She hadn't wanted a baby, but she wasn't about to abandon it when it was born. It was half hers after all.

So, knowing that her pregnancy was a secret for now, Whitney spent as much time as she could enjoying herself before the press got wind of it. She continued going to Plasma 501 (though she'd heard reports of Jordan's body being found, yet no one had recalled seeing her with him that night - she couldn't hide the body since there was no way no one would notice that), and her agent kept giving her good gigs.

Whitney was really enjoying herself, out and about at night with the party goers, blowing bubbles, dancing, and meeting fans. She always made sure to give them her autograph if they asked, and if they ever wanted a picture, she'd happily pose for them. Whitney was slowly being consumed by stardom as well.

But every day, when Whitney looked at herself in the mirror (which surprised her, since she thought vampires wouldn't have reflections), it was like a reminder of bad decisions staring at her, as well as traumatizing events she'd rather forget. She did enjoy being a vampire, but there were other normal things she missed, such as going out during the day without practically being scorched to death, and being hungry for hamburgers instead of thirsty for plasma juice. It was as though she wasn't truly herself anymore. She'd come to Bridgeport with standards to live out her dreams, and now they seemed to be dead.

It was a hard decision, but one that she knew would have to be done for her best interests. If she was going to truly be herself and make her dream come true the way she'd wanted, she'd have to change back to normal.

So, one night after her bath, she went to bed with a heavy heart, knowing what she must do the next day. Her ratings may suffer but it would be worth it. She didn't even feel like herself anymore. It was time to revert back to who, and what, she truly was.

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