Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chapter 12 - Revenge

NOTE: This story has a rating of PG-13. It is intended for a mature audience, as it contains strong references to things such as woohoo, crime, violence, language, etc. You have been warned!

Soon didn't seem to come soon enough for Whitney. It took a month before she was able to get Jordan's schedule down pat. He wasn't hard to find. Being the huge fan of Plasma 501, it was easy to suspect he'd be there. And he was.

She began going to the place quite often. It really was pretty impressive inside, and she made sure to have a good time before she turned human again.

Whitney also began enjoying hunting Jordan. It would be an even bigger thrill when the big event came. Jordan was at Plasma 501 four nights a week, always flirting with the women. Sometimes the women were humans, which surprised Whitney - she always thought only vampires were allowed inside Plasma 501, apart from celebrities like herself who did gigs.

She knew what she was going to do for her revenge. But it wouldn't be easy. Everything had to go just right.

One night, she approached him as preparation for what was going to happen. He was at the bar, enjoying a drink. As he had done to her, she walked up behind him and said, "That's on me."

Jordan turned around and nearly fell off the bar stool. "Whitney? Wow, you turned into quite a hot vampire!"

"Thanks to you."

Jordan remained seated and began flirting up a storm.

"You look so great. I never thought you'd look this good. How have you been?"

Whitney made sure not to think too much to herself so that Jordan didn't hear it. But she did smile sweetly as she said, "Pretty good. Got myself a new agent, and Riley and I are working and living together. My career's better than ever. People really like my new image. I should thank you."

A scowl spread across Jordan's face. "So, Riley's still with you?"

"You thought he'd leave because of something you did to me? If anything, that would make him want to be with me more."

"I guess I should have expected that."

"Yeah, and I just found out some happy news today."

"Oh yeah? What's that?"

"You're going to be a daddy."

Jordan spit out his drink. "Huh?"

"Yeah, I've been sick for the past few weeks and the doctor said I'm pregnant. And it's yours."

"How can it be mine?"

"I don't woo with just anyone, and Riley and I are always safe. You weren't. That was a flaw in your plan."

Jordan stood up, angry now. Whitney stood up and faced him, not backing down. If anything good came out of what Jordan had done to her, it was that it had made her stronger and more determined.

"And what do you expect me to do about it?" Jordan demanded as he got in Whitney's face.

"I just wanted to tell you that I'm going to get you back."

"Is that so?"

"You took advantage of me, turned me into a vampire against my will, and got me pregnant. All to get back at Riley, who kicked you out of the band for your own stupidity. Revenge will be sweet."

"What could you possibly do to me? You don't have the guts."

"We'll see."

With that, Whitney turned on her heel and walked out.


Though she had super speed at night, Whitney still preferred to take the limo so she could feel more human. She couldn't hide from everything, though. Her family had gotten wind of her in a guy's apartment in her underwear, and then getting turned into a vampire, and her mother practically stopped talking to her. Her father was equally disappointed but, since she was a daddy's girl, he offered her help if she ever needed it. Dustin thought it was cool, but that was Dustin. But at least she was still able to live her dream despite all this. As long as her pregnancy didn't make the tabloids, she should be fine.

When she got home, she saw that Riley had gone out to meet with Sid and Kirk to hang out, but he'd left her some plasma juice in the fridge. She consumed it eagerly.

While drinking her juice, Whitney thought about her confrontation with Jordan. She'd felt confident then, but did she truly have the guts to do what she had planned?

Yes, she told herself as she set the juice down. Yes, she did. She also knew that Jordan wouldn't go to the press with her pregnancy news, since he'd be digging his own grave - he knew she'd retaliate and tell the press he was the father. Though technically, he'd already dug his own grave on that horrible night. But to him, this would be worse than losing a spot in the Raging Rebels - if word got out that he took advantage of Whitney and got her pregnant, his life as he knew it would be over.

When she finished her plasma juice, Whitney went on to bed, though since it was night time, and she was a vampire, she should be out and about. But she still preferred to live a human life, and to her, that meant sleeping at night.

So she crawled into bed and awaited Riley's return.


It was 3am when Whitney woke up and saw that Riley wasn't yet home. This was odd, since he never stayed out this late. At least, not without her.

Stretching, she sat up in bed and decided she'd better call his cell phone to see if she could find him.

She stumbled across the floor, but she sensed that something was wrong. That was probably her "vampire sense" tingling.

She turned on all the lights, and found the source of her worry soon enough. Riley's corpse was laying on the floor, his flesh pierced with multiple bite marks. He seemed to have no blood left in him at all.

Whitney's hand flew to her mouth as she stifled a scream. A scream of agony and rage. She caught the scent of the killer. Jordan had done this. He'd killed the man she loved and just dumped him in his home, just for her to find him. Perhaps it was because of her threats, or perhaps it was because, as she'd noticed, he wasn't too happy that she was still with Riley even after all this.

But that didn't matter. It was time. It was time for Jordan to pay for all he had done.

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