Sunday, May 1, 2011

Duke Nukem

Oh yes, I did! lol I'm probably the only female that loves the Duke Nukem series (naked women aside). :p With the upcoming release of Duke Nukem Forever after 15 years of production, I figured, what the heck, I've made other characters like Project Alice and Lara Croft, so why not a popular guy character? So I present to you...

Duke Nukem! Gum and weapons not included.

Download here!

Come get some! Based on the popular Duke Nukem games, and in celebration of Duke Nukem Forever finally being released, this is Duke in Sim form. He's got the muscles, the blonde buzzed hair, and the sunglasses. However, he doesn't come with his guns and ammo, or any gum. He's all outta gum! Hail to the king, baby!

Some history on the game: Originally released in 1991, Duke Nukem is a guy the government calls when aliens invade our planet...and take our women. So the games focus on you, the player, as Duke taking down aliens, from pig cops (literally pigs) to huge one-eyed monsters to little oozes that try to eat your brain through your nose (nasty). And of course, since it's Duke, there are plenty of women running around, most of them skantily clad. Still, Duke is quite the ladies' man; women literally throw themselves at him and he enjoys every minute of it.

The newest game, Duke Nukem Forever, was set to release in 1997, but it's just now received a release date for May, though it got pushed back yet again to June. Fans have been anticipating this game for years, so let's hope Gearbox Software (the new company making it, 3D Realms having since gone under, which is the reason for the delay, plus some sort of other problems in there) doesn't disappoint.

As for the out of gum thing - well, one of Duke's most popular quotes is, "It's time to kick @$$ and chew bubble gum. And I'm all outta gum." :D



Everyday wear (based on the main outfit worn in all the games):

Formal wear (based on a picture in one of the new trailers):

Athletic (based on the main outfit):

Sleepwear (as a ladies' man, why wear pajamas to bed?):

Swimwear (can't be without his sunglasses!):

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