Thursday, April 28, 2011

Project Alice (Resident Evil)

Been wanting to do this one for a while. If anyone here is a fan of the Resident Evil series, I'm sure you'll appreciate this. And I mean the movies, not the games (though the movies are based off the games). That's because, never having played the games before and only seen the movies, I made my character Sim based off Alice Abernathy, aka Project Alice, played by Milla Jovovich.

Download here!

Alice was the head of security at Umbrella Corporation, a company specializing in all kinds of things like viral weaponry and the like, but they were also illegally experimenting on human genes, causing them to turn into mindless zombies. The virus brought dead humans back to life with only one goal - to feed. And they crave human flesh (gross). The virus was originally made for the head programmer of Umbrella's daughter, to help her walk, as she was confined to a wheelchair. There is an antivirus to keep the virus in check, but somehow the virus escaped and killed everyone in the underground lab known as the Hive, below Raccoon City. The three following movies show various strains of the virus, the second one showing Raccoon City being taken over, the third one showing the world plunged into darkness by zombies, and the fourth one showing survivors trying to find a place that promises food and shelter from the infection.

Alice was not only head of security, but she was also experimented on by Umbrella. As a result, she has "super powers" if you will. She has godlike strength and speed, and then she even gets telekinesis (until some jerk injects her with something that turns her back to normal). Alice is the only one who's successfully bonded with what's known as the T-virus, which is why Umbrella wants her for further experimentation. She's a lethal killing machine but her main goal is to take Umbrella down and protect survivors. A fifth movie is already in the works.

Brave (obviously, dealing with zombies)
Good (always helping survivors)
Perceptive (always aware of her surroundings)
Light Sleeper (who can sleep with zombies on the loose?!)
Athletic (staying in shape is a good way to take zombies down)

Food: Hamburgers
Music: Electronica
Color: Black

Sign: Sagittarius
Lifetime Wish: Renaissance Sim


I uploaded Alice as a household (with a cover pic yay!) so she would have all 3 everyday outfits. I tried to base all her clothes on the ones she wore in the movies, but that wasn't too easy considering my options. haha Also, you can't change the hair color per outfit, and she has a different hair color in each movie, but the first three seem to have the closest hair color to each other so that's what I used. Here are the pics with comparison pics:


Everyday 1 (movie 4, Afterlife):

Everyday 2 (movie 3, Extinction - this one was hard!):

Everyday 3 (movie 2, Apocalypse - darn no net shirt that worked! lol):

Formal (first movie):

Athletic (supposed to somewhat be the third movie outfit):

Sleepwear (same as above):

Swimwear (second movie outfit with shorts instead of pants - she technically wore both haha):

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