Sunday, January 19, 2014

Around the World relaunched!

My Around the World series has been relaunched! Better cover pictures, no custom content patterns this time, and in some cases, updated/redone furniture, decor, etc.!

Since the first time I did this series, the store has released several "authentic" sets for various locations around the world, and now I'll be using them in these builds. I love this series and it's become very popular among fans, so I decided to redo it altogether. The old files will remain on the Exchange, though my blog and Tumblr will feature the new ones (links, pictures, etc.). Enjoy!

Also, some people have said they are interested in me uploading to places other than the Exchange for various reasons. Since I joined Simtech, that's also a requirement for sharing creations. So, I now have a new poll up on this site asking you, the fans, what you'd like - should I include download links to sites other than the Exchange? Or should I leave it as is? Thanks!

The entire Around the World series relaunch is now complete, so I can begin working on the countries I've never done before that have been released in the store. I'm looking forward to getting started and sharing them with all of you!

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