Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Caught in the Web (Consignment Store)


You never know what might be trapped in the spider's web that is this consignment store! Furniture, clothing, toys, various decorative items, electronic items, outdoor furnishings, and even tombstones and more await in this completely revamped library! Stop in today to check out the scary low prices! Built for Midnight Hollow.


To see more pictures, go here!


  1. ~ I love it, & would really love to download it,the library is one of my favorite lots,you did a fantastic job with it,but I do not download from the EX,last time I did was for the MH Festival lot & I got naked bottoms & bad CC jeans with the lot (can not find the files to remove them either,so do not download from EX ) I thought this was fixed,as it has been several years since I had to remove a lot I built as the Doll Dressed had attached to it,& I never had that doll, but peeps downloading my lot from the EX were getting it with the lot I built!(Doll originating from TSR!)
    ~ You have had a lot of builds I would like to put in my game,but not from the EX Sorry!
    ~ Val told me you started a new story,I will have to read,I love your stories! (",)

    1. Hello there! It's great to hear from you again! Ah yes, I've seriously been considering uploading my creations to an alternate site because more and more people aren't using the Exchange for various reasons. I'll have to get to that!

      I am glad that you like my lots though! It makes me so happy when I get comments like these! And the same with my stories; I'm not as well-known as some writers out there, so it's always nice to know that someone is reading my stories and that I'm not just writing them for myself. :p My new story is another 18+ one, yay! You can find the link to it on the side bar of this blog! Thanks again!