Saturday, April 28, 2012

Barnacle Bay Fire Station


Even pirates had fires sometimes, and they could have happened on the sea. The modern age is prepared for that with this fire station! A firefighter's home away from home, this building has both a pirate and Mediterranean vibe and features a reception area, chief's office, kitchen, work room, garage, balcony rec area, bedroom, two bathrooms with attached showers, back patio, and more!

I stuck with the traditional bricks outside, and I forgot that particular pattern even came with the game. It's bricks but they're stained, and I envision Barnacle Bay as being somewhat rustic with some buildings slightly run-down what with the pirate theme, and I saw a lot of Mediterranean-style homes in the town as well. So I incorporated all of that into this build. This is my first fire station that doesn't focus solely on brick walls. I think it's a nice break from the stereotypical tradition of fire stations but the building still serves its purpose.


To see more pictures, go here!

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