Thursday, March 1, 2012

Riverview Fire Station


Even a town with a prominent river needs a fire station! This building combines the traditional masonry of a fire station with the rural farm vibe of Riverview, but there is only one purpose - give the firefighters a place of refuge when they're not extinguishing flames. The firefighters consider this station their second home, and they can enjoy many accommodations, including a kitchen/dining room, gym, chief's office with private bathroom, rec room, study room (for more quiet pasttimes), bedroom, and two gender-specific bathrooms with attached shower rooms. Also included is a back patio with a picnic table and telescope, and let's not forget the cow plant! I found it very fitting for Riverview. That will also be another way for the firefighters to keep themselves entertained! And let's not forget the toys and other items fit for the fire station's dog (traditionally a Dalmatian)! I combined the traditional red colors of the bricks with some hints of country colors like green and yellow to make this station unique and fitting for its destination. Enjoy!


To see more pictures, go here!


  1. Super! Looks like a great place to jam whilst waiting for the alarms to go off. Left you a rec sweetie <3

    1. Thanks very much Yoteamo! I'm glad you like it! :) Yeah, the firefighters need a place to hang out and relax when the alarms aren't ringing. hehe