Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chapter 9 - Cursed

NOTE: This story has a rating of PG-13. It is intended for a mature audience, as it contains strong references to things such as woohoo, crime, violence, language, etc. You have been warned!

The experience wasn't pleasant, but Whitney figured that was how it was supposed to be for her. It was all about Jordan and his desires. His sick, twisted, disgusting, filthy desires in an act of revenge for his own actions, as well as the feeling of power and control.

Afterward, he threatened, "And don't even think about going to the cops, or both you and Riley will be dead. And I don't just mean physically - your careers will be shot, because I'll tell Simon all about your little affair," and took off out the back door. Whitney just cried her eyes out, hoping for death.

When Riley finally returned, he said, "Great news, Whit! We got ourselves a new band mate!"

But he stopped short when he caught sight of Whitney, lying on the couch, wearing nothing but her undies.

"Ready for me, are you?" he asked flirtatiously.

Whitney just cried harder, only this time her sobs were audible.

"Maybe not. What's wrong, Whit?"

"Riley," she sobbed as she sat up.

"My God, what happened to you?" Riley asked as he sat down next to Whitney, seeing her full of tears and looking agonized. "What are you doing?"

"He...he came..."

"Whoa, slow down. Who came? What's going on?"


"Jordan? He was here?" Riley looked furious now.

"He said he...he was"

"That bastard. Wait...did he do something to you?"

"He...he r-r..."

Riley needed nothing else. He stood up, anger flashing in his eyes as he kicked the couch and started cursing at the top of his lungs.

"That son of a bitch! I'll kill him! I swear to God, he's dead! It was bad enough he got Sid's girlfriend drunk and took advantage of her, but you? Against your will? That does it! I'm calling the cops!"

"!" Whitney said as she stood up, still crying. "You can't. He said he'd k-kill us both if we told the c-cops."

"Like I give a damn. What's he gonna do? Strangle us?"

"He's a...vamp...vampire!"

"Say what?"

"He...he wanted to kill you as a vampire...but you weren't h-home."

"So instead he takes advantage of you? That sick bastard! I'm calling the cops."

"He'll kill us!" Whitney wailed.

"I won't let him."

Riley put the phone down that he'd withdrawn from his pocket long enough to wrap Whitney in his arms. "It's okay. I won't let him hurt you."

Whitney had heard of assaulted women who didn't want the touch of any man, but for her, she wanted Riley's comforting arms around her. It made her feel safe and secure.

Still, she didn't feel safe reporting what had happened. Vampires could easily overpower cops. Besides, what would they do about it? Many assault cases went unsolved due to lack of evidence, though many times the victims didn't come forward. This must be why - they were threatened. Whitney feared for her life and that of Riley's.

So, with some devastating begging, Whitney convinced Riley not to call the police and report the assault. She washed away any trace of Jordan on her in the shower, and Riley threw his bedding into a garbage bag. He wouldn't even take it to the laundromat, for those sheets would always be tainted.

It was late at night, and Whitney hated to even sleep in the same bed after what had happened, but she stayed with Riley, too afraid to return to her own place.

She had eventually told Riley about Jordan's threat to tell Simon about their affair, but Riley didn't care about that at all. He was so angry he looked like he was ready to chop Jordan's blood-sucking vampire head off with his bare hands. Unfortunately, that wouldn't be possible.

The next morning, Whitney's head was spinning and she felt nauseous. She couldn't stand another minute in Riley's apartment. She asked him to take her home, and he understandingly agreed. Unfortunately, she had to wear her dress from the previous evening, since she had nothing else to wear, at least until she burned it.

When she got there, Darcy greeted her with a smile, until she saw her face.

"What the hell happened to you?" she asked.

Whitney, too weak to answer, just looked at Riley so he could fill in the blanks. She then walked to the bedroom to get some sleep. She just wanted to sleep. Nothing else sounded good. She felt like damaged goods. But before laying on the bed, she did change her clothes and throw her dress and underwear from the previous night into a garbage bag.

Surprisingly, she drifted off to sleep quickly. She felt so drained and ashamed. It was almost as though she were in a state of shock. How long would it be before it went away?


After what seemed like only ten minutes, there was a knock on the door.

"Whitney?" Darcy's voice asked.

Whitney sat up and said, "Come in."

Darcy walked in, looking concerned.

"How are you feeling? Riley said you woke up this morning feeling really sick."

"Oh, yeah. I'm not feeling much better."

"Anything I can do for you?"

"Thanks, but no."

"Well, if there is, let me know. I'm off work tonight, so why don't we just hang out and watch a movie?"

"That sounds good."

So Darcy popped a movie into the DVD player and Whitney joined her on the couch. She was relieved that Riley hadn't told Darcy what had happened, either. She didn't want anyone to know. Plus, if the press got wind of this, that meant her family also would. That was the last thing she needed.

Whitney tried to focus on the pictures on the screen, but it was hard to. The movie's simple storyline even left her feeling drained, like she'd over exerted her mind. Her head still throbbed with pain despite her taking pain pills, and she didn't even feel like painting, which is what she always did when she didn't feel that great. Now, all she wanted to do was lay in bed and never get up.

When the movie was over, Whitney took another shower and went to bed.

The next three days were hell for her.

Her headache increased and she felt weaker every day. She was in constant physical pain and didn't know why. She could hardly eat, and felt like doing nothing besides sleeping. She felt something else was at work besides her devastation at the other night's events. But what could it be?

Her answer came at 2:13pm on the third day of feeling like this.

Trying to cheer herself up by painting, Whitney suddenly felt a force so strong that she dropped her brush and screamed out. Unfortunately, Darcy wasn't home, having gone to work, so no one heard her.

A red aura seemed to consume her and her vision blurred, then became clear, all at the same time. The pain was excruciating, but it only lasted a few seconds. When it was over, Whitney felt renewed. Almost as if she'd been reborn. But she felt something else too - an uncontrollable thirst.

Whitney was frightened, wondering what could have possibly happened to her. So she ran to the bathroom to check her reflection in the mirror. What she saw made her nearly throw up, as her eyes glowed back at her and her canines were sharp. Her skin looked as though it belonged to a corpse. She'd forgotten that Jordan had not only been a vampire, but he'd bitten her neck, probably as some twisted form of pleasure mixed in with revenge. And now, three days later, she had become a vampire herself. She was cursed, doomed to live the rest of her life as a monster.

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