Monday, May 23, 2011

Chapter 5 - Transformation

NOTE: This story has a rating of PG-13. It is intended for a mature audience, as it contains strong references to things such as woohoo, crime, language, etc. You have been warned!

When they got to the salon, Simon walked up to a stylist and Whitney was surprised that they'd let her in right away. The salon wasn't very big, and it didn't even have a separate area for celebs to get their makeovers done, though there was a tattoo area behind a door and a play area for kids.

The blonde woman led Whitney to a styling center and had her stand on a podium. She inspected Whitney while she looked at herself in the mirror, wondering what in the world was going to be done to her. She was excited about a new look, but afraid she wouldn't even know herself after the process had been completed.

In the end, she needn't have worried. She looked like herself, only better. Just as Simon had said, it was an improvement that made her look even better than she already did.

Whitney didn't just get a facial makeover with makeup. She also got her hair cut (though she was hesitant to do that since she'd been growing it out for years, but it was a mess to take care of at times). The best part was that her hair still held a country feel to it while being chic in the city, and it wasn't dyed either. Her makeup was also more subtle, compared to Darcy's crazy method of gooping it on like cake frosting.

All in all, Whitney was satisfied with her new look. She couldn't wait to start living her life now that she had the look.

"How much do I owe you?" Whitney asked the stylist, suddenly worried that she wouldn't have enough money. She hadn't even been able to get a job yet, so the only income she and Darcy had was from her roommate's mixology job.

"It's on me," Simon said as he withdrew his wallet.

"Oh really, you don't have to..." Whitney began.

"It's okay," Simon replied. "I do this for all my clients."


"Yeah, honestly."

Whitney just smiled and hid her relief as Simon paid the bill. She'd have to pay him back when she got the chance.

After that process, it was nearly 6, so Whitney asked Simon to drive her back home so she could get ready to see Riley's band perform at Waylon's Haunt.

"I hope you're not falling for that guy," Simon said as he drove, "because that would be a violation of our contract."

"No, I'm not falling for him," Whitney said, though she felt her cheeks heating up for some reason, "he's just a friend and we have a lot in common with music, so I figured I'd go see his band."

"How'd you even meet him?"

"We met at The Brightmore last night."

"Ah, I see."

"Yeah, one of his band mates started hitting on me and he sort of came to the rescue."

"Was it Jordan?"


"Figures, that kid's always chasing tail."

Simon pulled up in front of Whitney's apartment and let her out. "I'll see you tomorrow then," he said. "The next thing on our list of things to do is go shopping."


"Yeah, you need some more flattering clothes."


"See you at 10."

"In the morning?"

"Planning on staying up late?"

"No, I just figured it would be 2 again since that's when I met you today."

"Shopping for girls tends to take a long time."

"Not with me, but okay. I'll see you tomorrow then."

Whitney closed the door and watched Simon drive off. When she got to her apartment, she saw Darcy already there cooking.

"Whoa baby!" she exclaimed as she caught sight of Whitney. "What happened to you?"

"I signed a contract with Simon, so my new agent took me to get a makeover."

"Wow, you look great! I couldn't have done better myself!"

"You think so?"

"Totally! And hey, you're just in time for mac and cheese."

"Okay, but I've got some news for you. Remember Riley from The Brightmore last night?"

"Oh yeah, the guy that saved you from that pervert that wouldn't stop flirting."

"Yeah, well I ran into him today at Waylon's Haunt and he said his band is gonna play there tonight and he invited us, so I plan to go and wanted to know if you did."

"Hell yeah! I'm always up for a party, even if it's at a low-end dive bar."


The two ate their supper and hurried to get ready so they wouldn't miss the Raging Rebels on stage. Whitney again borrowed some of Darcy's clothes, but she was sure that after tomorrow, she wouldn't need to do that again.


Waylon's Haunt was pretty packed by the time the two arrived, and the band was already beginning to set up. Riley caught sight of Whitney in the crowd and waved to her. She waved back and Darcy gave her a playful nudge.

"What?" Whitney laughed.

"I think you've got the hots on that guy."

"No way! I don't even know him. Besides, I couldn't date him if I wanted to, since it would be a violation of my contract."

"What kind of crap is that? You can't have a boyfriend?"

"Not one with the same agent as me."

"That sucks. Hey, that bass player looks hot. Maybe we could have a double date."

"You don't even know his name."

"So? All I'd have to do is ask."

The band began to play so people surrounded the stage to dance. The Raging Rebels really knew their stuff when it came to music. Whitney and Darcy began dancing.

Whitney wasn't sure what was going on, but it was like her makeover had given her a major boost of self confidence and fearlessness. She busted moves like she never had before, and she was even tempted to dance on the bar like some of the other people.

When the band took a short break, Riley walked up to Whitney.

"Wow, you look great!" he said.

"Thanks, I have to admit I do like this new hair."

"It looks awesome! I'm glad you and your roommate came."

"She was only too happy to come. She loves a party."

"I can tell, she was really shaking it out there. Now it looks like she's talking up a storm to Kirk."


"Our bass player."

"Oh yeah, she did say he was hot."

"Oh well, long as there isn't another Jordan incident, I don't care. Can I buy you a drink?"

"Sure, that would be nice."

So Riley and Whitney walked up to the bar and Riley ordered two Sweet Hijinks. He then gave one to Whitney.

"Here you go. I think you'll like the taste of this."

"Thanks." Whitney took a sip and the sweet liquid just added to the ease she already felt.

"This does taste good," she said.

"I thought so. A little easier for a country gal like yourself."

Whitney laughed and hoped her red face didn't show.

Riley finished up his drink and said, "Well I better get back on stage. I don't think your roommate will like that too much. She seems to be having more fun flirting."

"I'm sure she'll just pick up where she left off."

"We'll find out. Talk to you later."

"Play your heart out!"

"You don't have to tell me twice!"

Riley put his glass on the bar and went back on stage, where he took his position behind the drums. He'd said that the band belonged to him and it was his idea, but he wasn't always the lead singer from the looks of it (though he had mentioned that each of his band mates knew how to play each instrument, so they could alternate places).

Whitney had enjoyed her drink so much that while watching the band, she'd ordered another one and Darcy had joined her. Darcy had then started dancing on the bar, and Whitney, the alcohol making her more daring than ever, joined her.

It was almost as though Whitney had undergone a major transformation. She was filled with more confidence and felt more carefree than she had ever before. She was truly enjoying herself.

The band took another break and Whitney jumped off the counter to approach Riley.

"Nice moves," he said with a grin.

"Thanks. Nice music. Your band is great, I don't know why more people aren't here."

"Waylon's isn't the best place in town, plus we're not exactly a five-star celeb band yet."

"How did you learn to play so well?"

"I've been playing for years, and I love music. It's my life. I'd be lost without it."

"I know the feeling."

"Hey, look who it is!" a voice said behind them. They both turned to see Jordan.

"Hey, Jordan," Riley said.

Whitney wasn't too drunk to recognize the flirtatious guy from the night before. Though her vision was just a little blurry. She wasn't used to so much alcohol.

"You look great!" Jordan said to Whitney. "Listen, I want to apologize for last night. I guess I'm not used to girls turning me down."

"Well, I'm not used to guys flirting with me. At least, not like that. So fine, let's call it even."

"Cool. Are you gonna be playing here?"

"I don't know, I just signed on with Simon today."

"Sweet. He'll probably start you off here, like he did with us."

"Is this your first gig?"

"Nah, we just aren't 'popular' enough to get the big ones yet."

"How long have you guys been a band?"

Jordan thought about that and asked, "How long has it been, Riley?"

"About four months."

"Wow, and you've only played here?" Whitney asked.

"No," Riley replied, "we've played at Eugi's and the Sports Zone too. Simon's been talking about getting us a gig at Plasma 501."

"Where's that?"

"That's the vampire lounge," Jordan answered eagerly. "I'm dying to see what it looks like in there."

"Bad pun, man," Riley said.

"I've heard vampires live in Bridgeport," Whitney said, "but I haven't seen one."

"Probably a good thing," Riley said. "I hear they look pretty much like us, but their eyes are really bright and of course they've got fangs."

"I hear they've got really pale skin," Jordan cut in.

"Well, I hope I don't run into one," Whitney said. "That's the last thing I need, to see a vampire wanting to drink my blood."

"Apparently they drink plasma juice and eat plasma fruit," Jordan said. "But I'll believe that when I see it."

"So, if you're offered a gig at Plasma 501, will you take it?" Whitney asked Riley.

"Yeah, it's money. Won't be too thrilled about vampires, but hey, whatever works."

The shaggy haired guy from the previous night walked up then and said, "Hey, are we gonna do another number?"

"Yeah," Riley added. "By the way, Sid, this is Whitney. Whitney, this is Sid."

Whitney placed her hand in Sid's outstretched one. "Hi."

"Hey. I remember you. You were at the Sports Zone last night, weren't you?"

"Yeah, that was me."

"Yeah, the guys and I were talking about how awesome you sounded. Did I hear you got a contract with Simon?"

"Just earlier today, yep."


"Okay, guess we better get back on stage," Riley said. "You sticking around, Whitney?"

"Yeah, but I have to go shopping at 10 in the morning with Simon, so I don't know how late I'll be staying out."

"Shopping? For what?"

"He claims I need a new wardrobe."

"That's crap. You look great."

"Well, this isn't my dress. This is Darcy's."

"Oh well, you still look good in it."


Riley winked at Whitney before going back on stage, and Whitney felt her cheeks heat up yet again. She had to keep reminding herself that she can't fall for this guy; not only did she barely know him, but it was a violation of her contract. Actually, it was a violation of both of their contracts. And she wasn't willing to risk her career and her dream for any guy.

Still, she decided she needed another drink and ordered one at the bar. This time, she got a Kneecapper. Darcy sat next to her and ordered a Spline Reticulator for herself.

"So..." Darcy said, batting her eyelashes.

"What?" Whitney asked innocently as she took a drink.

"You and Riley have been hanging out a lot tonight."

"So? We're just talking."

"Girl, you can't hide it from me. I'm a natural flirt and I know when someone is into somebody else."

Whitney sighed. Darcy was pretty flighty; if anyone knew about flirting and attractions, it was her.

"Okay, so I kind of like him, but I don't know him that well, and I can't date him because that would violate our contract."

"Whit, the contract says you can't date him, but does that say you can't be in a relationship with him in private?"

"What do you mean?"

"Duh, just see him when no one's around. Be unofficial. Just don't let the press get wind of it and you're fine."

"I guess that could work, but I hardly know him."

"So get to know him. By the way, you have the apartment to yourself tonight."

"Why? Do you have to work?"

"Hell no. I'm going over to Kirk's."

Whitney choked on her drink. "The guy from the band? The one that was playing the bass? You don't even know him!"

"I know enough. It's not like we're agreeing to be exclusive or anything, we just want a little fun. It's been almost a month since I've had any woo."

"Right...okay then. I'll hold down the fort."

"Awesome. But I do have to work tomorrow so I won't see you until later."

"Okay. I have to go shopping tomorrow with Simon anyway. He says I need a new wardrobe."

"Well, I would like to wear my own clothes once in a while."

Whitney stuck her tongue out at Darcy and continued drinking her Kneecapper. This drink seemed even stronger, and soon, her vision became blurry. So did her judgment.

When the band took their final break for the evening before Waylon's closed, Riley once again sidled up to Whitney and struck up a conversation. But between the alcohol and her rapidly developing feelings, not to mention Darcy's constant bringing it up, Whitney did something she normally would never do in a million years - she kissed a guy she hadn't known for more than 24 hours.

When she finally came to her senses, Whitney pulled back, embarrassed.

"Oh my God I am so sorry," she said rapidly, trying not to think of the fact that Riley had kissed her back and she'd enjoyed it. A lot.

"Hey, it's okay," Riley said with a satisfied look on his face.

"No, I barely know you, I shouldn't have...the contract..."

Whitney's head began spinning then, and the next thing she remembered was Darcy telling her they'd better get home, getting into a cab, and crawling into bed. Everything else was a blur.

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